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“TruMicrobe Clear” is a safe treatment for ponds and lakes.  It will not harm ducks, fish, or children.

One of our clients has a large cemetery with an attractive pond that stands in the middle of a grassy area surrounded by trees. It is home to ducks and fish.  The pond is about three feet deep and has a white liner on the bottom.  Before the “TruMicrobe Clear” treatment, the pond was beautiful from a distance, but as you got closer, you could smell a bad odor and see that the water was murky.  While standing on the bank, duck waste, leaves, and other debris were visible in the water, but the white liner on the bottom was not visible.  The pond was cleaned and drained periodically.  One employee quit when he was assigned to clean the bottom of the pond.

Within a short time of starting the “TruMicrobe Clear” program, major differences were obvious. The waste and debris were gone, and the water had become clean and clear.  The sparkling white liner on the bottom was easily visible and the bad odor was totally gone.  

Test results from E. S. Babcock Environmental Labs show interesting results in tests of lagoons with a lot of waste.  The treatment period was five months, and the results were measured in COD’s (Chemical Oxygen Demand), and BOD’s (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), with a lower number being better.  The numbers for the non-treated lagoon were 19,000 COD’s compared to the treated lagoon with 4,500 COD’s.  The BOD numbers showed 3,400 BOD’s in the non-treated lagoon compared to 580 BOD’s in the treated one.

“TruMicrobe Clear” can have this kind of result because the microbe and nutrient package creates an environment in which the microbes thrive.  When the “TruMicrobe Clear” product has water, oxygen, and food, scientists say that the number of microbes doubles every twenty to thirty minutes. Two million microbes can populate to four million in one half hour and to eight million in one hour, and so on. The waste in the pond is the food and they get oxygen and water from the water. 

When you have millions of living microbes exodigesting waste, you can expect great results. 

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