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Soil & Plant Health

"Trumarvel" is a unique blend of micronutrients, carbon and biological components needed to establish a coordinated, repetitive, ecological continuum for superior development and health of sustainable cultivation.

Trumarvel increases the availability of nutrients by:

  • Solubilizing tied-up minerals

  • Bioavailability of applied fertilizers

  • Bioconversion of agricultural residue

This Digestion creates aggregates that:

  • Prevent soil erosion

  • Nutrient run-off

  • Improve water use efficiency

Trumarvel is a:

  • Carbon based soil amendment

  • Balanced blend of high-grade nutrients

  • Package of organic enzymes

  • Promoter of growth and activity of microorganisms

  • Stimulator of early plant development

  • Provider of more efficient water and nutrient uptake

  • Resource for more effective photosynthesis 

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Average of 20% increase in yields on treated fields adjacent to each other with similar soil and fertility along with operating practices.

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