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Potato Study

Cklamen Variety​​

Tested 32 acre field, split into 16 acres plots.

Research conclusions where increased production volume, nutrient density and soil health. Along with control of pathogenic nematodes. 



Together the strains in Trumicrobe Marvel increase the availability of nutrients by solubilizing tied-up minerals and applied fertilizers, increasing their bioavailability to the crop. Their consumption of organic and inorganic materials works as a bioconversion of agricultural waste. Their digestion process creates soil aggregates that prevent soil erosion, nutrient run-off, improve water infiltration and retention.


Ecological Continuum:


Whereas, some of our competitors rest on their population numbers of the microbes in the soil, what is lacking in their protocol is that fine-tuned phenomenon called the “ecological continuum”. It has been shown by various microbe strains contained in Trumicrobe Marvel that work synergistically to aid in commercial agriculture practices. Our blend of microbes was selected and isolated because of their ability to coexist and flourish with-out competition. As populations of microbes begin to antagonize the survival of other species, you will reach a point in time and space, where they must extend a more generalized cohabitation. In this situation, the relationship between competing species is that species #1 feeds on a particular substrate provided by Trumicrobe Marvel and the succeeding species #2 uses the by-products of the first species as its primary substrate. This succession or continuity of species follows with species #3 feeding on the by-products of species #4 and so on. Here we have defined a simple first order ecological continuum. The species are closely related, differing only in one by-product and/or one substrate. The first wave of protection resides in a species that utilizes a special substrate provided by Trumicrobe Marvel. The rest of the ecological continuum follows the path of each successive species.


Trumicrobe Marvel is a carbon-based soil amendment made up of a balanced blend of high-grade agricultural nutrients and organic enzymes. Trumicrobe Marvel is designed not only to condition the soil but also improve water uptake and the overall environment by increasing the growth and activity of the microorganisms, critical to maximum plant development and yield. The product stimulates early plant development which results in a denser root mass

(more efficient water and nutrient uptake) and larger leaves (draws in more of the sun’s energy) which enables the plant to manufacture more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the ultimate food and energy source for plant growth and reproduction.

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