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  • Trumicrobe Boost was specifically developed to aid in the treatment of lagoon management. It is a specific blend of components that build, balance and stimulate your waste operation processes.

  • Trumicrobe Boost is a dry soluble that breaks down the anaerobic and toxic conditions that exist in all lagoons.

  • Trumicrobe Boost breaks down the bacteria killers used in teat dips and foot baths; it pulls apart the disinfectants and soaps that help clean the dairy.

  • Trumicrobe Boost begins the growth of Aerobic bacteria by introducing specific microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients that allow for the growth of Aerobics in these conditions.

  • Trumicrobe Boost starts to reduce odor dramatically within the first month in most cases. Studies have shown a substantial reduction in solids on farms which will ultimately reduce costs associated with agitating, dredging and the expense of new lagoons.

  • Trumicrobe Boost balances the pH in the waste water and begins to remedy the salty conditions caused by heavy metals, detergents, acids and sanitizers by providing an environment that is more conducive to the growth of microorganisms to break down these toxins. The result is immediate available plant nutrients that do not take years to break down in your soils. Together the strains of microbes in

  • Trumicrobe Boost generate consumption of organic materials, neutralizing bactericides, influencing bioconversion of most agricultural waste.

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