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Dairy Study

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5-year field studies:

  • Milk production (lbs. milk) up over 7.5%

  • Somatic cell count down over 30%

  • Butter fat up over 4%

  • Protein increased over 3.7%

  • Visibly better transition health

  • Higher conception rates




“TruMicrobe BioGest” is a probiotic feed additive for dairy animals that is safe and beneficial for the health of cows. We have over eight years of history with dairies using “TruMicrobe BioGest,” and some of the benefits we have seen are:

Visible improvement in the transition health of the cow

Decrease in somatic cell count

Better rumen health

Increase in butterfat and protein

Higher conception rate

Fewer veterinary needs

These benefits take place because the general health of the cow increases, and they are especially evident in the transition cows.  A dairyman friend taught me more about the positive results that he was seeing in his transition cows.  He invited me to join him in his fresh cow pen, which I did.  He then said, 

“Look at the cow’s eyes; they are clear.  She is not stressed; she is calm, chewing her cud.  She calved twenty-four hours ago.  Now, look at this cow.  She calved forty-eight hours ago.  Look at her coat, it’s shiny, she’s healthy.” And so on and so on.  

We get consistent feedback from our clients that the health of the transition cows is noticeably better.

A veterinarian explained the scientific process further. When the microbes enter the rumen, they consume all the oxygen trying to survive. This makes the rumen work more efficiently because it is an anaerobic environment.  As the oxygen is used up, the microbes die and become protein. The cows take the protein that they need and eliminate the rest. 

Many of our clients experience a 3-4% percent increase in the milk components (butterfat and protein), plus an increase in production, or lbs. of milk per day.  We have built a production RBI model that shows the net profit resulting from just a .5% percent increase of butterfat and protein.  This is typically an attainable and profitable goal.

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